Who’s Bringing Home An Oscar This Year?

Everyone loves to predict the Oscar race. No matter time of year it is, you are going to have entertainment websites trying to guess who is going to win an Academy Award. It is always difficult to predict these in the middle of the summer because many of the award-worthy movies do not come out until the fall. Indeed, there have only been a handful of recent Oscar winners for Best Picture that were not released in the fall. That said, here are some early predictions.

It seems as if George Clooney is likely to have another big night at the next Oscars. He is producing the "August: Osage County," which stars Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts and Ewan McGregor. This film has all the makings of an Oscar contender: outstanding source material, great producers and a wonderful acting ensemble. "August" could come up big.

Clooney is also involved in "The Monuments Men," a World War II drama. This type of historic drama always grabs the attention of the Academy. Clooney directs and stars in the movie. Of course, Clooney did the same for the ill-fated "Leatherheads," so it remains to be seen if this movie will succeed.

Whatever happens, it seems likely that George Clooney is going to bring home at least one Oscar this year.

Why Do Comedians Make The Best Actors?

With "This Is The End" ready to hit theaters, it is interesting to note how the world's greatest comedians typically make for excellent actors. Comedians like Seth Rogen have a flair when it comes to connecting with the greater public. They are able to make us laugh and forget about our daily worries.

Comedians are typically the best actors, because they are able to understand the complexity of the human condition. They understand tragedy and how to turn it into a hilarious reality for humans. They understand the breadth of emotions that humans can face, and they use this knowledge as actors. Other actors simply do not understand the human condition in the same way that comedians comprehend it.

When you watch a comedian as an actor, such as Jim Carrey, you are typically transported into another reality. You are intrigued by the persona and aura of that actor. The actor is able to connect with you, and you enjoy watching every moment of his or her performance. Comedians just have a natural ability that other people do not have when it comes to being witty and thinking on their feet. They can keep people entertained for hours on end.What's 1 more click? Your boss isn't watching... This Is The End

Celebrities And The Stalkers Who Worship Them

Celebrities love the fans that follow them on social networking sites, come to live performances, and purchase their products. Every now and then, fans will become so enamored with their favorite star that it becomes more like worship. That is when the line is crossed and fans become stalkers. Stalkers present a unique and unwanted challenge for celebrities.

Most fans are content with enjoying whatever the celebrity has to offer. When they step over the line, they set themselves up for serious legal repercussions. Celebrities have good reason to fear stalker fans who worship them a little too much. Some celebrities have even died at the hands of their adoring fans. Most fans who stalk do not go to those lengths, but, they still have an odd way of showing their love.

Fans have broken on to the properties of celebrities, slipped into their bedrooms, tear at their clothes, and even pull their hair out. All of these acts are illegal and can result in jail time. It will, also, never get the closeness with the celebrity that the fan is attempting to reach. Celebrities are gracious about this type of behavior until someone steps so far beyond the boundary lines that physical altercations are often the end result. When all is said and done, lawsuits happen and so do jail terms.

Why Do So Many Celebrities Become Addicted To Drugs?

Many people dream about becoming famous. However, there is a dark side to fame. Many celebrities end up getting addicted to drugs. Partying is a part of many celebrities' lives. A person can very easily get access to drugs at a party. Additionally, some people feel pressured to use drugs just because everyone else at the party is doing drugs.

There is a lot of pressure that comes along with being famous. In many cases, this pressure is too much to bear. Some celebrities use drugs as a way to deal with the pressures that come along with being in the spotlight.I found some more information here.

Furthermore, it is important to be cognizant of the fact that people who are introduced to fame at an early age are more likely to become drug addicts. Dr. Dale Archer, who is the medical director of the psychiatric department at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital, has stated that the reason child stars are more prone to drug addiction is because they realize at an early age that they can get away with more.

Addiction can really ruin a person's life or send him or her to an early grave. The good news is that addictions can be broken with the right treatment.

How Long Can You Really Be An Action Hero?

Action heroes have a short career. Action heroes who perform their own stunts may have shorter careers if they insist on performing their own stunts. An action star needs to maintains his top physical condition. If they maintain their condition and their looks, they can h ave a career that lasts up to 20 years, but there comes a time when a person must stop performing his own stunts and let a stunt man do it for him.Check out this link here.

Even someone who does not perform his own stunts may extend his career for a few months, but he must be able to continue to look young. A viewer needs to believe that a person can perform the stunts on his own, even if his doctor advises against such action. Hollywood makeup and plastic surgery can only do so much. When a person reaches a certain age, he may decide to give up his action career and move onto the next phase of his life. If he has saved his money wisely, he may be able to continue to live off of the money he made on his films. He just needs to make sure he puts the money back. It is easy to let wealth and stardom go to a person's head.

Cutest Kid Actors In Showbiz Today

Adorable child actors have charmed audiences since the dawn of the film industry. Who are some of the cutest kid actors that you may see on television and movies today?

The Cotton brothers, 11-year old Maxwell and 9-year old Mason. Maxwell has appeared in films such as "Mr. Popper's Penguins" and the television show "Brothers and Sisters". Mason has spent most of his career on the TV screen in "Desperate Housewives".

10-year old Isabella Acres, who is a regular on the TV show "Better off Ted".

Preston Bailey has quite an impressive resume at the age of 11.Get more information here. http://hellobeautiful.com/gossip-news/shamika-sanders/willow-smith-to-play-a-young-whitney-houston-in-biopic/ He has appeared in "Dexter", a role that earned him several award nominations. He is also a lead in the film "Judy Moody and the not so Bummer Summer".

If you are a "Twilight" fan, watch out for Mackenzie Foy, the adorable 11-year old who plays the daughter of Edward and Bella Cullen in the popular film series.

Cutie Emma Rayne Lyle, at the age of eight, has already completed seven films, including "I Don't Know How She Does It" (an appropriate title!).

11-year old Willow Smith is a star all in her own right despite her famous parents. She has appeared in I Am Legend and several other films.

Will Whitney Houston’s Death Affect The Release Of Sparkle?

The sudden death of Whitney Houston in Los Angeles raised many questions, but one that many people did not know existed until news of her death leaked out has fans curious. Whitney recently completed filming on the set of the movie "Sparkle". The movie is slated for release in August of 2012. The movie was a special project that Houston had worked on for many years. It is a remake of a previous version.

When Houston first began the project, Aaliyah was slated for the starring role. Aaliyah was tragically killed in a plane crash with 10 other people. That was ten years ago and Houston was excited to finally see her dream come true when Jordin Sparks was chosen to perform the lead.Confused? Here 's a little help .

Under the circumstances, many fans wonder if "Sparkle" will still be released in August. The movie was not meant as the final on-screen performance by Whitney Houston, but it became just that. The film's producers have not made a decision on whether Whitney Houston's death will play a role in the release date. The movie will come under careful review of the world as family, friends and fans watch the tarnished star shine in the final role of her life.

Hottest Movies To Be Released In 2012

There are many great movies that are set to be released in 2012 with many amazing actors starring in them. In February there is a comedy called "Wanderlust" coming out that will star Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd. In March the movie version of the popular television series "21 Jumpstreet" is set to be released. Also in March the movie "The Hunger Games" is supposed to be coming out. This is based on the popular novel. For people who enjoy action heroes, there is a movie that is called "The Avengers" coming out in May. This movie stars Robert Downey Jr, Samuel L Jackson, and Scarlett Johansson. It is about a group of superheroes who get together to save the world. Also for superhero fans, the next installment in the Batman series is set to be released in July. Also in July there will be a Spiderman movie coming out. For fans of the Bourne series, there is a new movie called "The Bourne Legacy" being released in August. Children will be excited that the next movie in the Wimpy Kids series will also be coming out in August. There are many scary movies that are set to be released around Halloween in 2012. Finally, the next Twilight movie will be released.

Who Are The Rising Stars In Hollywood?

There are some young Hollywood hopefuls that are eagerly awaiting their big breakout song, television or movie role. However, there are a few of Tinseltown's new young faces that have in face managed to garner a second look. Be on the lookout for these rising Hollywood stars that are sure to become household names before long.

Jennifer Lawrence starred in Winters Bone and X-Men: First Class. You can seen her in upcoming flicks: The Hunger Games and The Silver Linings Playbook.

Olivia Wilde starred in Cowboys and Aliens, TRON, and House M.D. Look for this beauty in Lovelace, The Longest Week, and The Words.

Anthony Mackie has starred in Spike Lee's She Hate Me, The Hurt Locker and a host of other indie flicks.

Jesse Eisenberg starred in The Social Network and you can catch him in While We're Young.

Amanda Seyfriend made her big-screen debut in the Lindsey Lohan flick Mean Girls and is quietly becoming a Hollywood superstar.

Cary Mulligan is the new British girl on the block who is known for her pixie haircut and her role in critically acclaimed, "An Education".

Emma Roberts is the niece of Julia Roberts, this once Nickelodeon star is transitioning just fine to the big screen.More info here: John Mayer Is Making Moves On Jennifer Lawrence!